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The End Of Freedom

How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us


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The time period of almost 1000 years of existence of creation of currency by governments and bankers is laden with destruction of wealth and lives around the world. Discover how people consistently lost faith in their currencies speeding up their devaluation.

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Think your money is safe in the bank? Might be safer in your mattress. Ever since Cyprus banks proved to the world that your deposits in the bank are not yours. Discover how they were able to steal their customers money for shares. Even worse, Canada is put it in place already.

Death Of The Middle Class

Discover how inflation is a tool used by bankers, investors, big corporations and the government to get richer while hard working people are losing as our earned money is worth less and less with time.

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John Thore Stub Sneisen is the founder of the non-profit organization, The Economic Truth.   The Economic Truth has over 10,000 followers in 30+ countries.  His organization analyzes current economic events, the monetary system, and geopolitical events from an objective standpoint.

John is a Leadership Council member at Freedom Force International.  Which is an organization that promotes and educates individual and economic freedoms.  It currently has members in 78 countries. Members include Robert Kiyosaki, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Chaterine Austin Fitts and many other leaders in many venues of activism working for freedom to individuals.

John is a contributor to World Alternative Media with economic reports and is featured in the upcoming mini documentary on inflation and paper money.

John is passionate about teaching people how our monetary system is deemed to fail and how you can protect yourself from the certain failure. He educates people about alternative systems and promote freedom and volunteerism. He predicted that the Quantitative Easing from Central Banks around the world will create deflation, but he is also seeing that in a panic this might end up causing hyperinflation. He predicted the move of Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden with negative interest rates and the many rate cuts by central banks around the world not interest rate hikes which many experts called for.

In this book you will learn:

What money is and how your knowledge of how it works can help you thrive.

Historical events and how closely they relate to today’s events.

How current moves with monetary policy is creating two classes: Rich or Poor.

It explains why austerity is a way of governments to first make you addicted to them and then cutting your free money to enslave you further.

Explains how having money in your bank account is becoming dangerous.

How the monetary system works.

How bankers and governments enslaves us by using our currency against us and controlling it.

How governments are colluding with corporations to create monopolies.

How war is used to cover up the failure of paper money and how war creates a destruction of paper money!

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